Helen Langley is a historian and curator and was until her retirement in 2014 the modern political manuscripts curator at the Bodleian Library. She has also lectured on historic houses and gardens. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1995. This website introduces Helen’s research, lectures and publications, past and present.

Her most recent publication is ‘What Honor did next, the pioneering broadcasting career of Honor Balfour (1912-2001) in Journal of Liberal History, Issue 109/Winter 2020-21.

A recording of her 2015 lecture on Dame Irene Ward, later Baroness Ward of North Tyneside (1895-1980) given at Westminster to mark International Women’s Day is available via the UK Parliament YouTube channel.

Since autumn 2021 Helen has been a volunteer member of the London Gardens Trust’s planning and conservation subgroup.

Helen’s latest projects include preparing to attend The BBC at 100 Symposium as a member of the session on Politics and Current Affairs where she will be speaking about the contributions of Honor Balfour (1912-2001) and Stephen Bonarjee (1912- 2003).

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Projects, Lectures & Events

Helen’s current and recent projects include the following:

The BBC at 100 Symposium

Helen has been invited to attend The BBC at 100 Symposium, to be held from 13 to 15 September 2022 in Bradford at the National Science and Media Museum and online. As a member of the session on Politics and Current Affairs, she will be speaking about the contributions of Honor Balfour (1912-2001) and Stephen Bonarjee (1912- 2003) - a wonderful opportunity to draw their careers to the attention of a wide audience.

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A visit to Royal Crescent - the London home of Honor Balfour

Years ago Honor Balfour described to me the décor of her London home in Royal Crescent, Kensington, acquired in the early post-war years long before the area became fashionable. So it was great when the London Gardens Trust Open Squares weekend in June brought the chance to visit Royal Crescent’s square.

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Reginald (Reggie) Cooper (1865-1965): Closing stages of research reveal new insights

The search of archival resources for information about Reggie Cooper is coming to a close. Several sources consulted since last year have provided some fascinating insights into his personality, and his design of the orangery for Sir Philip Sassoon (1885-1939).

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